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About Us

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A Parlor for the People…

At United Grooming, our vision is inclusiveness. Every person in the community, regardless of any aspect of their identity, has a need for grooming services that help them be their best.

We have created a shop environment where all can feel comfortable… where no one feels marginalized or pressured to look or be any way other than their own unique and fabulous selves.

Our clientele includes women, men, and people who choose to identify their genders in other ways; adults, mature adults, teens, children, and people who choose to identify their life experience differently; and any member of any combination of racial or ethnic backgrounds.

Our skilled groomers are here to help you explore and express your individual style. We have many collective years in the grooming industry and are committed to ongoing growth and learning about the latest techniques and products to help you achieve your desired look.

Bill of Rights

  1. Honor and Respect

    We believe that everyone - regardless of how they identify - deserves a grooming environment where they can explore and express their individual styles and personal expressions.

  2. Comfort and Belonging

    We believe that everyone deserves a grooming space free from:
    - Racism
    - Sexism
    - Homophobia
    - Transphobia
    - Ableism
    - Any form of hatefulness

  3. Quality

    We believe that clients deserve the highest quality services from well-trained and talented groomers that have a passion for what they do and who continually seek to learn and grow their talents in the industry.

United Grooming is excited to exclusively offer Ref products to our clientele. Ref is committed to values we share: quality, environmental sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity, and seeing beauty in all its forms. Ref is vegan and cruelty free and we love that.

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